Posted by: oldbelieving | February 16, 2009

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Greetings to anyone who may be reading this! I am an Orthodox Christian currently located in State College, PA, seeking to work out salvation with fear and trembling. I hope to actually keep up wit this blog — posting interesting tidbits of Scripture, Patristics, other writings I come across, and hopefully some writings of my own.

Orthodoxy is the unadulterated Apostolic Truth which is traced directly back to Jesus Christ through His Holy Apostles. It is the faith that God has maintained for nigh on 2,000 years — thus the Orthodox are old believing!

Although I am not an Old Believer (or Old Ritualist), the Old Rite parish in Erie, PA — The Church of the Nativity (Erie, PA) is the inspiration for the name of my blog. Their website can be found here, and I highly encourage you all to visit the parish sometime if you can!  It is very beautiful and filled with pious Orthodox people.

Also, here is a short but sweet video of Metropolitan JONAH of the OCA from the March for Life.

May our Lord bless us all as we approach the Holy Lenten fast!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, JD.

    Good to have ya. 😉

  2. I have never been to the Church of the Nativity, but I by God’s grace may see it within the next year.

    Anyway, nice blog.

  3. Stay on the path,, I have several books from The Church of Nativity, have always found them co-operative as live in New Zealand,,

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