Common Evolutionist Arguments

1. Orthodox evolutionists will often tell us Creationists that if we read Genesis literally then we need to be consistent and read everything literally – and they typically point to the book of Revelation, or even plucking out your eye when it offends you, etc. However, this is a misunderstanding of the Creationist position. We do not advocate a hermenuetic of all literal all the time – but rather of following the Fathers, all the time. The Fathers are clear that the Genesis narratives are literal history, and yet they are also clear that we should not literally pluck out our eyes or take the whole of Revelation to be literal. There is nothing that demands we take everything literal just because we take Genesis literally. The Orthodox Church is the Church of the Fathers, not the Church of literalism or allegoricalism.

2. Creationism Hurting the Mission of the Church?

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