Review of Statements and Criticisms on Creation/Evolution

Evolutionists will often point out that no Ecumenical Council has directly confronted the issue of evolution, and they therefore argue there is no official Church teaching on Genesis. First, we must point out that Councils are not now, and have never been, the only way that the Church teaches. The Scriptures, Saints, Canons, hymnography, and iconography are all in one accord on this matter, and thus no Council has been needed. St. Theophan the Recluse even says we have not needed to anathematize Darwin and his followers because their beliefs were already defeated by the Church long ago.

But anyways, while they won’t accept the teachings of the Saints as official, they WILL often point to brief statements on jurisdictional websites and prop them up as if they are somehow the official stance of that Synod and somehow represent the mind of the Orthodox Church today. It should be obvious to us that not everything on a jurisdiction’s website constitutes an official Synodal view – the recent problem with Fr. Robert Arida’s article on the OCA page makes this clear. Why teachings make it onto jurisdictional websites that do not constitute a teaching of that jurisdiction is a valid question, but nevertheless it is fallacious to assume every word on the websites has come down from on high from the Synod of that jurisdiction.

For instance, we are not even told who authored the statement below from the Antiochian Archdiocese, and their website contains conflicting information. The GOARCH website contains a statement from Holy Cross facutly 30 years ago, not a statement from the GOARCH Synod, and the questions on the OCA’s Q and A page are all answered by one priest – does this constitute a Synodal teaching?

1. Statement on the website of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of America

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